Vanity Fair's website for April features Kimberly Roberts along with Tracie Bennett, Rufus Wainwright, Kristen Wiig and other notables who have played Judy Garland.  


"Garland eye candy..." ~ NOW Magazine - Toronto

"The show’s main attraction is Kimberly Roberts, whose likeness to Judy at the end of her life is uncanny.  Ms. Roberts captures her glamour and fragility as she projects the star’s twitchy backstage mannerisms. " ~ ZoĆ« Erwin-Longstaff, The Charlebois Post - Toronto

“Look-alike” isn’t even sufficient enough to describe Ms. Roberts’ presence as Judy Garland. Her bone structure cries Judy, but so too do her movements and the way she carries herself in the part. And the eyes. Those incredible, expressive eyes. Moments of frustration, pensiveness and melancholy – and pre-show spark – all present throughout her performance." ~ Cathy McKim, Life With More Cowbell

"When clips from the film are not being shown, the spotlight is on Kimberly Roberts in her little black dress and pearls, her short dark hair and red lipstick causing the audience to feel as though they truly are in Garland’s company." ~ Victoria Begin, Theatromania 

"Kimberly Roberts is an amazing find – looking exactly her part."  ~ Kelly Anderson, Mooney On Theatre
"Kimberly Roberts is a drop-dead accurate Judy Garland impersonator" ~ Paul Bellini, columnist, FAB magazine
"An award-winning, 
critic raving, sequin flashing, 
lip quivering  homage 
to Miss Judy Garland....
Kimberly Roberts 
does not impersonate JUDY;  
she IS Judy!